Psychotherapy and Counselling

Clients enter therapy for a variety of reasons. The demands of everyday life can sometimes leave individuals with feelings of stress and anxiety. Perhaps recent experiences at work or at home have left you feeling confused, disappointed, hurt or uncertain. Having the opportunity to explore freely and honestly what is happening might provide you with new and meaningful awareness to better determine what you want and how to proceed.

Engaging in counselling and therapy can provide you with many potential benefits, which may include:

 - improved personal relationships
 - a greater sense of emotional well-being
 - a clearer idea of what you want
 - a re-evaluation of professional goals
 - being able to make informed choices
 - improved self-esteem
 - acceptance and forgiveness

I offer therapy in South Norwood in a private, tranquil, restorative space where you can safely undertake your own process of change, discovery, healing and recovery.

My aim is to make your engagement in therapy as smooth as possible. I offer appointments from Monday to Friday including early morning and evening sessions. It is usually possible for you to book your first session and start therapy straightaway, subject to my availability.

Men can often experience difficulties in engaging in a therapeutic relationship such as counselling. I welcome enquiries from this client group and the opportunity to explore with you how I can best provide what you need to consider undertaking and entering into therapeutic work.

I am also aware that some female clients might be wary of working with a male counsellor. If this is something that might be acting as a barrier to prevent you from working with me, I would encourage you to call me so that I can see what I might be able to do to address any concerns you may have.

For some clients the financial commitment to counselling may represent a real barrier. I would like my services to be as accessible as possible and I am always willing to explore how I might be able to help you within any financial limitations you might have.