I have considerable experience of offering clinical supervision to both individuals and groups. I worked for ten years for the national mental health charity Mind as a supervisor and currently supervise trainee counsellors at the Mary Ward Centre as well as working, in my private practice, with other therapists to supervise their clinical work.

Supervision provides many opportunities for you to explore the way you work and your personal and professional development. for example, you might be:

-  seeking an answer to an ethical problem or dilemma 

- wanting to explore different ways of working and broadening the range of options available as part of your professional growth and development.

- wanting to use the space in a restorative way -  If you take care of yourself, your clients are more likely to also be OK.

I like to work in a collaborative way that suits you. I am particularly interested in exploring more creative ways of working to ensure your work remains safe and effective and is beneficial to your clients. 

I am happy to work as your sole supervisor or as part of a broader network of people who support you. 

Please contact me by email: if you would like to explore the possibility of us working together to enhance your practice.