Many books have been published about therapy and how it works - These range from those aimed at professional practitioners to self-help books and memoirs about leading figures in the field. 

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

A fantastic blending of fiction and fact - it reads like a novel but has an enormous amount of insightful information for any trainee therapist - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Telling Time by Marie Adams

A compelling story that focuses on how therapists can't anticipate what they might encounter when they work with a client as well as providing interesting insights into the therapeutic process that are rarely explored- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby

Exercises to guide you towards journaling, writing and harnessing your inner creativity, that can be easily done everyday to help you preserve the small moments that matter in your life and use your stories to improve your wellbeing and connect with others. Will really help you gain creative confidence if you are doubtful!